• DA
    Approved by SFC, the company carries brokerage services for various products including global securities, futures and so on.
    CE No.: AXH777

DA INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL SERVICE LIMITED was established in 2011, headquartered in Hong Kong. By virtue of core competencies due to its advancing technological advantages, DA has rapidly grown into a leading foreign futures brokerage company in Asia Pacific, with the customer margin over 300 million USD.

DA was approved by SFC to carry brokerage services of global securities in 2016. Since then, the company has accelerated its international expansion by establishing wholly owned subsidiaries in the U.S.A and Singapore.

  • “Featuring Technology, Focus on Brokerage”
    Global Internet Securities Brokerage
    Independent R&D in the full set of the basic technical system which including the market data, trading,
    background management and clearing, chips away at foreign monopoly power.
    Meanwhile, it facilitates the infrastructure construction of financial liquidity
    in the context of Chinese securities corporations’ globalization.
  • Direct the Straight Path
    Access for the World
    “ Direct the Straight Path ” quotes from “ Confucian Analects—Wei Ling Kung ” as Confucian said that “ This people supplied the ground why the three dynasties pursued the path of straightforwardness ”. It indicates DA’s basic values of simplicity, integrity and purity.
    “ Access for the World ” quotes from “ Mencius—Jin Xin ” , which indicates the goal realization of “ Benefit Clients, Benefit Employees, Benefit Shareholders, Benefit Community ” by virtue of advanced technology and superior services.
  • Core operating idea
    Good service
  • Mission

    Build a cross-border financial highway that

    “ China invests in the world, the world invests in China ”

    for global investors.

    As the demand of global asset allocation of Chinese investors has increased significantly due to the rapid process of internationalization of RMB, the pace of China’s investment in the world had been accelerated.

    Meantime, the world is eager to invest directly in China’s securities market.

    DA, which based in Hong Kong and aimed at the world, commit our responsibility, and will provide the global investors with various products including securities, futures, foreign exchange, bonds and private equity in a cross-border financial highway.

  • Goals

    “ Global investment in one platform ”

    To become a highly respected global financial group company.

    DA’s ultimate objective is not making money.

    Instead, the vision is to create value for clients, to create pride for the employees, to take responsibilities, and to contribute to the community.

    Accordingly, aiming to achieve the goal of “ Benefit Clients, Benefit Employees, Benefit Shareholders, Benefit Community ”,

    we gain respect from clients, employees, shareholders and the community.

CS Hotline:
+86 4006391818